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In an attempt to be not-so-pessimistic, I decided to add a little special section to my blog on Thursdays called “Things I’m Good at Thursday.” (It might be on random days of the week, actually, because if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s being inconsistent.) I think it’s a good idea for everyone to think about what their strengths are, no matter how seemingly silly or weird, just to give yourself a little ego boost once in awhile. So before the book review about Stiff by Mary Roach, here are some things I’m good at:

Being Inconsistent

I think I mentioned this one before. This goes along with my own personal vow to write in my blog every two days. Woops!

Reading Fast

I don’t need any speed-reading lessons or to run my hand over the page while I read (who remembers those commercials!?). I am a viciously fast reader naturally. And I remember what I read. (Unless it’s characters’ names. WHY?)

Guessing Plotlines or Endings

Maybe it’s because I’ve read a ton of books from being a super fast reader, but I can guess an ending like nobody’s business. Or maybe I just read too predictable of books or watch too predictable of movies. Whatever, I’ll take it. I’m good at it, okay?

Following Confusing Storylines

Memento? That’s easy. Inception? Never a confusing moment for me. I’m not kidding. This stuff just makes SENSE, which is weird, because everyday stuff is kind of confusing for me. Like I don’t understand the phrase, “behind the 8 ball.” Don’t even try to explain it to me. I won’t get it. Because I have my OWN way of explaining it okay? Or, I never understood why a goatee was called a goatee until I saw a picture of a goat and my boyfriend said, “Look at his little goatee” while pointing at his goat beard. Ohhhhh.

Remembering Conversations

I will remember nearly every conversation I have with someone…given that I am interested in what the other person is saying. Don’t ever get into a competition with me about what I said or didn’t say. You won’t win. I remember things too clearly sometimes.

Kids Love Me

I am the baby whisperer. Or the child-under-the-age-of-twelve-whisperer. Kids just get me and I get them. I’d love a job working with kids, but I don’t like all kids. And I don’t really want to babysit full time. Sooo where does that get me? Suggestions welcome.


So now that we’ve established six things I’m good at, you should think about things you’re good at. Now. Before you read the book review.

Okay, now that you’ve thought of your five things, today’s book review is going to be a quick one. This book is hard to explain but you’ll either be into it or not. So go with it. It’s called Stiff as I mentioned and it’s by a columnist/comedian named Mary Roach. Now, I’m not sure if it’s the same Mary Roach we all remember and love on American Idol a few years ago with the major camel toe, but it doesn’t look like it from her author photo. Maybe it’s because the author photo was devoid of camel toe. But irregardless, Mary Roach writes some awesome stuff…and maybe has some pants issues.

Hard to see, but maybe that's a good thing.

Mary (I really have an urge to call her “the roachmeister” but I can’t explain why) wrote Stiff after spending many hours with dead bodies. Yes, dead bodies. She traveled to other countries, many different U.S. states and learned as much as she could about the history of cadavers and what we have done with them historically. This book is incredibly interesting. I’m not really into death – in fact, I’m terrified of it. This sounded like a book I would absolutely hate, but I decided to give it a try and I loved it. Completely, utterly loved it. (It was recommended by the awesome blogger Rachel Wilkerson a while back and she had me convinced it’d be good. Actually, she might have recommended Boink, Mary’s book about sex, but regardless, I knew it would be equally awesome.)

There’s not much to say about this book in terms of plot line, naturally, as it is non-fiction, but the book is a fairly fast read, even for people who aren’t crazy fast like me. She adds a lot of humor to her writing, which is refreshing, especially in a book that talks about composting dead bodies in Sweden. No lie. Look it up. It’s interesting, albeit a little (a lot) horrifying. Go green when you die! Let your family grow veggies with you! Just kidding, they recommend non-edible things.

If you’re looking for something different to read, this definitely is your book. You can fill your mind with facts about uses for dead bodies and what really happens when you donate your body to science! You can learn about body snatching! Most importantly, you can learn that maybe death isn’t so terrible. I’m lying. That’s not a message at all in this book. (I wished it was.)

Go read it now. And then don’t forget to think about five things you’re good at. Every Thursday. Or sometimes Tuesday.





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