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This post has nothing to do with books that aren’t boring. Well, maybe on some small, teensy-tiny scale it does, but probably not. I just wanted to have a place to write my first-ever New Year’s Resolutions (and most likely, New Year’s failures-by-February). In no particular order, here are my resolutions for the year 2012:


Get Into Grad School

I want to go back to school and get my Master’s degree in Library and Information Science. It is the first program that has made sense to me and it sounds like something I’d enjoy. I love books, I love libraries and I love information! It’s a win-win degree for me, I think. Now I just have to get in…

Do 10 “Real” Push-Ups a Day (or 20 on my knees)

Why do I want to do this one? Because I am a fat, lazy slob. I ran a 5K in 2011 (my first! I completed a goal!) and after that, it was all downhill. It was like I ran out every ounce of energy I had that day. I have not ran ONCE since October 29th. Yeah. That’s pretty pathetic. I also haven’t touched weights since my 30 day stint with p90x in MARCH of last year so that’s cool. I figure if I set myself a lofty goal of working out, such as, “Work out 4 times a week!” I’m destined for failure, so instead I set an easy goal. It feels attainable. It’s not terribly hard. I got this.

Save  Money for Grad School

I live with my parents. I don’t pay many bills except the ones I put upon myself (shopping) and my student loans, car insurance and cell phone. I also have not saved hardly any money since moving back from FL almost 2 years ago. Granted, I make shit money still, but I still don’t have much of an excuse. Did I mention I LIVE WITH MY PARENTS? I need to save money this year. After I pay off my ungodly high credit card bill for January. Please tax money, don’t steer me wrong!

Eat More Whole Foods

Part of me wishes this resolution actually meant the store Whole Foods…because we don’t have one here in lovely Grand Rapids, MI, but alas, it means I want to eat more foods that are not processed. If the food will go bad,  I should eat it; if the food won’t go bad ever (like not even in nuclear war), I shouldn’t eat it. I want more control over my food since I eat out a lot and my parents cook a lot for me (I know, whine whine). I honestly miss cooking for myself and making whatever I want to eat.

Visit Friends

I have friends all over the place. I want to visit them this year. My main goals are Nashville and LA, but if I can, I’ll try to grab another Orlando visit this year and maybe even DC. So basically what I’m saying is if I complete this resolution, my resolution for saving money won’t happen. So there’s that. I’m sure I can balance both, right?

Clean Out My Closet

Eminem knows what’s up. I need to clean out my closet, or rather, my whole fucking room. I am the queen of packratting and it all needs to GO. I hate hanging out in my own room because the clutter stresses me out. I blame my mother for this. She saves EVERYTHING. Well, she saves things that don’t need to be saved and throws away shit I need (such as my brand new KNITTING stuff and an old Betty Crocker cookbook that was VINTAGE). I want to be more of a minimalist this year and not feel so attached to clothing items. I do NOT need to keep every t-shirt from college and high school. Even if they remind me of fun times. And I really like having them around even though I never wear them. But yeah, I’ll totally get rid of them.

Be Thankful

This is probably a good thing to do all-year round, but I need to feel/be more thankful for what I have. Because even though I hate my job and the people I work with, I’m lucky to have a job and that I get to live with my parents. Because even though my boyfriend doesn’t really want to get married any time soon and I don’t know what we’re going to do when I go to grad school, I’m lucky to have him and that he loves me and supports me. Because even though I can’t stop eating and I’m fat as ever, I am healthy for the most part and I can still walk. I just need to remember these things when I’m in a pissy mood tomorrow from not fucking sleeping and making up New Year’s Resolutions all night. FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS.

Happy New Year’s!



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